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How Vertical Garden Can Improve Your Health

With space crunch in the world, the cities are growing vertically; this has resulted in people having a small-confined place both for work and home with limited or no space for greenery. This problem of lacking a garden can be solved with Vertical Garden. Many commercial buildings, apartment blocks and residential areas with vertical structures are engaging in creating Vertical Gardens. In 2016 Heathrow International Airport introduced a Vertical Garden for the passengers to relax.  These Green Walls have immense benefit and helps in improving one’s health. Here are some pointers that showcase how Vertical Gardens can help bolstering one’s health.


  • Smog along withUrban Heat Island (UHI) effect is significantly reduced. When human activity and traffic causes a city or metropolitan area to have higher temperature than the rural areas surrounding the city, it is said t have UHI effect.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint by cleaning the air polluting agents of both outside and home caused by fuel emission and human beings.
  • Plants on Vertical Garden removes or reduces toxins that are hazardous to health like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and benzene, thereby improving the air quality.
  • Vertical Gardens reduce stress and improves physical well-being of people. Various studies have revealed that people who have presence of plants are 12% more productive and less stressed. In post-operative scenario, studies have shown that people who have presence of plants at home or hospitals have faster recovery than those without.
  • Vertical Gardens helps in creating microclimate for one’s home or office. The Green Walls does not only reduce air pollution but also noise and helps in regulating the temperature of the home by providing a cooling and shaded area.
  • Green Walls also helps in reducing fire hazards by propagation of fire.
  • Reduces consumption of air conditions thereby intake of polluted air as the building itself becomes cooler.
  • Provides both acoustic and visual insulation.
  • Production of oxygen increases in the environment hence limiting inhaling of carbon dioxide.
  • Taking care of Vertical Garden is more convenient for people with back problem and arthritis.
  • Focus increases with greenery, so in a limited space, where gardening is not possible, vertical garden can provide the person with same experience. A study written on Washington Post mentioned that a group of students were given a task to be completed twice. During a short break in-between the task a group was shown pictures of flowers another group was shown images of city buildings. The group that saw the pictures of flowers and greenery performed the task better than the other group.

All these factors proves that despite having limited spaces Vertical Gardens are quite beneficial for people living the cities and metropolitan areas in high-rises. Green Walls are beneficial to people aesthetically, economically, physiologically and psychologically. The importance of Green Walls are now being recognized by Indian governments also, there is one in Chennai Airport, Bangalore’s Electronics City Flyover and Delhi’s Metro pillars are also going to turn green with Vertical Gardens.

So no longer one has go either to a park or has to plan a day out in some forest to enjoy a little bit of natural soothing greenery.

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Feng Shui your Office Desk, & Get Success

There’s a belief that each and everything in a person’s nearby environment affects his or her inner life. The same way Feng Shui practitioners also believe that the position of objects in a room, building, or other space affect the glide of chi within the space. If there’s good chi gliding, there will be a boost of positive energy.

Also, visual control over your space gives you a substantially more noteworthy level of genuine control over your work life. May be no place is this would be more pertinent than in the workspace-uncomfortable seats, awful lightning and a supervisor breathing down our necks scarcely advance sentiments of solace. That is the place where feng shui needs to be given more importance than anything.

So to get some great vibes your way at work, read on and discover how to make best use of feng shui at your work place!

Color in Feng Shui- The most simple and unproblematic way to create a specific quality of energy. You can choose colors like brown, black, white, gray, green and red as all these colors are for good feng shui desks. But choose the color carefully as work for your energy and your line of work.


Feng Shui Desk Shape- Many of the shapes are outstanding feng shui. The most common rectangular shape desk grants grounding energy with the elements of growth and expansion. Also, it is superlative to have a desk with an open front, as there is a better energy flow. While choosing your feng shui desk shape, do consider your goals you are trying to achieve with your work.


Feng Shui Desk Material- Among all the available materials in the market- glass, laminate, wood and metal- a wood desk is the best feng shui option. The wooden desk will not only bring natural energy into your space, it will also nourish and vibrant the quality of energy. So, with the wooden desk get the energy of growth, expansion and vitality.

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Placement of your Desk- It is the most important aspect for good feng shui. Command position is recommended as the best position and it is when you can see the door. Try to have a good feng shui placement of your desk as the fundamental nature of this feng shui position is about being the commander of your own energy so that you perform your best in every situation.


Source of Light- It is essential to have your own source of light as it is your comfort. As per the feng shui, place your chosen light fixture to your upper left, which is also known as the wealth feng shui bagua area of your desk.


With this venerable Chinese art of arrangements see how the situation of items specifically bearings to adjust Chi will manifest the desired outcome and cultivate a positive energy around you and will prosper you for everlasting success. So, with the above feng shui ways get energized environment shading out the new ideas and creativity at your work space.