Fight Bad Air Quality By Gifting These 6 Eco-Friendly Plants

Plants should not be seen as a decoration for rooms and houses anymore, they are more than just roots, stems, leaves and fronds. They represent everything that is natural and nature’s magnificence. Plants can be exemplary living gifts that one can choose for gifting. In this age where the world is suffering from greenhouse effect and smog plants are the best Eco-friendly corporate gifts that tell the employee you are gifting to that you care.

How to choose the plant that you want to gift?

There are several factors that you need to consider when gifting an eco-friendly plant to your employee:


  • Gift a plant that does not needs too much of taking care of it.
  • Gift an indoor plant since you do not know if your employee has the outside space to keep a plant.
  • Gift a plant that can flourish despite extreme conditions
  • You can gift a plant that can either help be a good luck plant, an air purifying plant or is an ornamental plant.

Here is a list of six plants two in each category that are quite popular and easy to take care of.

Plant for Good Luck

  1. Money Plant: Can be found in different variety and shapes. Well known for attracting money. It also harmonizes the human existence with his/her surrounding and produces positive energy. The plant’s round, smooth-edged and clustered leaves make it a favorite among the FengShui experts Lucky.


2. Lucky Bamboo: This plant has been part of the Asian culture for over 5000 years and is believed to create a positive energy by harmonizing the five elements of the universe. It is also a symbol of fortune and luck for many.


Other good luck plants that can be considered are:

  • Peace Lily
  • Jade
  • Golden Pothos
  • Snake Plant

 Air Purifying Plant

  1. Aglaonema: A South Asian native plant with several hybrid species that have different growth habit. However, common for this species of plant is they are low maintenance plants that are effective air-purifier. Easy to take care of, their only requirement is shade.


2. Philodendrons: NASA studied this plant and saw its air-purifying capacity. The plant has effective properties that can clean indoor toxic air. These are very good indoor plants that require very little maintenance and can thrive under artificial lights.


Other air purifying plants that can be considered for gifting are:

  • Boston Fern
  • Spider Plant
  • Lemon Balm
  • Fishtail Fern

 Ornamental Indoor Plants

  1. Aralia: These plants have distinct leave like lacy, rounded, and spinach shaped with various colors like green, cream, white,and golden. The trunk of the tree is quite woody and looks exotic. Aralia can be used as a table plant when it is small and later as a floor plant. Easy to take care of but should be kept away from children and pets as they are considered to be poisonous.


2. Desert rose bonsai: Native to Africa and Arabia is a succulent tree that has beautiful red, white or pink colored flowers throughout the year. The plant can grow to a full size, however, bonsai’s are also available in the market.


Few other ornamental plants that can be gifted are:

  • Dracena
  • Peacock plant
  • Schefflera
  • Cacti

So next time when you plan to gift your employee consider any of these above eco-friendly gifts like plants for better health.



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