Top 10 Hedge Plants In India For Live Fencing

A well-kept hedge always gives a better and airy look to a garden. A neat bed of hedge around the flowerbed will also enhance the view, or a living fence around your house will make your property look livelier. But before selecting the hedge you want you can decide between formal and informal hedge. A formal hedge has a shrubbery that is very dense and looks impenetrable. These hedges not only give privacy to the people sitting inside but also act a natural soundproof.  Informal hedges are those that are pruned to various heights to enhance the landscape. For live fencing, it is always better to have a formal hedge and here are

10 hedge plants that can be used in India for live fencing.


  1. Tridhara (Euphorbia antiquorum): Often mistaken to be cactus because of its look, this is a common shrub that is succulent and thorny used in the farmlands for fencing and demarcating borders. Tridhara reaches the height of 3 meters and is quite impregnable, protective and tall hedge.


  1. Devil’s backbone (Pedilanthus tithymaloides): Though often used as ornamental hedge these are hardy succulent plants. Devil’s backbone is spineless and belongs to the spurge family. People often use this as a hedge because of its fast growth. They can be planted from a stem cutting on a double row with a space of 10 to 15 cm in between.


  1. Vilayti Mehendi (Clerodendrum inermis): It is ornamental but also a protective hedge. It is hardy drought resistant and also snake repellent as the leaves have a bad odor. Grows very tall but takes a couple of years to become a good hedge.


  1. Bougainvillea spectabilis: This is a quite hardy ornamental hedge. When frequently trimmed gives the appearance of a bush. Planting is done 60 – 90 cm spacing and gives a neat look when the hedge is given support.


  1. Karonda (Carissa carandas): A thorny bushy shrub that is a protective live hedge. In a single row, seeds are planted 60-75 cm apart and can be planted as stem cutting during the early monsoon. In the summer time, the shrub produces delightful fruits.


  1. Mogli Erand, Biodiesel (Jatropha curcas): Goes up to 5 meter high is a poinsous shrub. A wild-species, non food and uncultivated are used to keep animals away from the fields and farms.


  1. Duranta erecta: A multi-stemmed shrub that works great as a screen, background and live hedge. During the summer pale blue flowers blossom attracting butterflied and followed by berries with golden-orange color that attracts birds. Planted in multiple rows 30-40cm apart.


  1. Henna, Mehendi (Lawsonia inermis): 5-meter tall shrub, good for dry areas have sweet-scented white flowers blooming during the summer followed by berries. To keep it in shape severe pruning is needed. It is planted 45-60 cm apart.


  1. Kamini, Kunti (Murraya paniculata): About 3-meter tall shrub with beautiful dark green foliage. During the monsoon fragrant white flowers blossom. Hedging can be done by air layering or from seeds.


  1. Firebush (Hamelia patens): A shrub that branches with flowers and shiny foliage. Grows in both light and full sun is plated 30 cm apart and requires pruning at the center every year.


Apart from these, there are quite a few other plants that can be used as a hedge like Palms, Acalypha, Eranthemum, Lantana Tecoma, Cactus etc. All these makes your fence come alive and is always better than some concrete.





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