Yoga Loving Plants

It is a known fact that yoga helps you to strengthen your body and one integral part of yoga is breathing. But what if you are breathing air that is polluted then how beneficial is yoga for you? A study from NASA revealed that plants have the ability to purify the air in enclosed spaces and remove toxic elements like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. Hence in an enclosed place when you are doing your exercise bring in plants that help you to purify the air. There are many indoor plants that help you to bring your mind-body and soul together while relaxing and rejuvenating you while you are doing your yoga.

Here are 10 such yoga-loving plants that will help you to boost your energy and relax you too. All these plants can be planted in a garden or you can use it as indoor plants too.


  1. Bamboo

A bamboo hedge accentuates the green and serenity of the place. The murmuring of the leaves, while you perform yoga, will create a space of peace and tranquillity.


  1. Buddleja

This purple flowered plant with alluring fragrance will uplift your mood as you breathe in its scent while performing Vrksasana and see the butterflies fluttering around the flowers.


  1. Clematis

You will enjoy the colorful blooms of the Clematis as it will add hue to the barren and dull looking garden or wall. The tree twirls and embraces the place giving it a natural look. Enjoy the view while you do your sun salutation.


  1. Delphinium

Focus on these pastel shaded flowers of these plants when you are doing your asanas for equilibrium. These plants elevate the feel and the look of a garden or an indoor place.


  1. Echinacea

Want to be inspired for your butterfly yoga position, get these plants, as butterflies love the blossoms. The flowers of these plants ooze a sense of healing and tranquillity.


  1. Lavender

This plant’s fragrance is intoxicating and can be used as a hedge, in a balcony or container garden. Breathe in the therapeutic fragrance and breathe out to relax your body, mind, and soul.


  1. Ornamental grasses

The soft rustling sound of these ornamental grasses not only exudes a calming effect but the lush green gives a feel of nature engulfing you. They can be planted in pots and garden beds.


  1. Thyme

We all know it adds a special zing to the food but the lovely fragrance of Thyme will also create a lot of difference to your exercise. Take your mat close to the plant and breathe in while performing your yoga positions and you will feel the positivity within you.


  1. Verbena

This flowering colorful plant is a magnet for butterflies. The color of the flowers will make your yoga session enjoyable as the bright and gorgeous flowers will brighten up your mood and spirit.


  1. Waterlily

The sound of the flowing water or the rippling of it will remove your stress and negativity and adding waterlilies to that will make your mindful sessions in yoga very effective. You do not always have to be sitting beside a pond to enjoy the flower’s effect, put it in a bowl and you will feel the same way.

With these plants leave your stress behind and let them heal you while you do your yoga.





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