Find Lucky Plant For Your Zodiac Sign (Rashi)!

For centuries man has observed the plant cycle and how it impacts the humans. According to astrologers planets, constellations, people and plant are made of the same ‘elements, i.e. fire, air, water, and earth and the energies. All these establish that there is a connection between the Universe and nature and therefore plants and humans. Plants not only protect the environment but works to reduce or maximize its good or bad effects on people. They also have the capacity of changing the planetary conditions affecting a person. This article gives you the names of a few plants associated with the zodiac signs or rasis and how they aid them to bring positivity and good luck.


Fire sign, planet Mars. The plants are often thorny and prickly with spicy or bitter flavor. The plants used for this sign are blood purifiers, adrenaline gland stimulants and high in iron.

Plants: Red Sandalwood, Red roses, Tiger lily, Tapioca, Calendula, etc.



Earth sign, planet Venus. Plants for Taurus are gorgeous flowers with enticing fragrance. Plants are there to help calm the bull and harmonize the system.

Plants: Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Parijat, Carissa, Fuchsia etc.



Air sign, planet Mercury. Plants are ferny or have fuzzy leaves with subtle odor. They require plants that strengthen their nervous system, lungs and respiratory system.

Plants: Ferns, Mint tree, Mulberry, Anthurium, Fig, etc.



Water sign, planet Moon. Soft, moon-shaped leaves with lots of moisture content are the plant of their sign. Plants that aides their digestive system and the subconscious, and mood swings are recommended.

Plants: Lilies, Water Lilies, Mahogany, Nicotiana, Acai etc.




Fire sign, planet Sun. Plants are large with golden or orange color. Plants aiding in the cardiac system along with those that strengthen the spine, heart and blood pressure are recommended.

Plants: Hibiscus, Sunflower Tree, Passion Flower, Ashoka tree, Lemon tree etc.




Earth sign, planet Mercury. Plants with finely divided leaves with subtle odor are used that has high potassium content and helps in calming the nerves and reduces stress.

Plants: Amorphophallus, Catnip, Eranthemum, Aloe Vera, Blackberry etc.




Air sign, planet Venus. The plants are with gorgeous flowers with a nice fragrance. Plants that bring balance between the endocrine system, kidneys, and the bladder are recommended.

Plants: Jasmine, Juniper, Camelia, Magnolia Orchid etc.




Water sign, planets Mars and Pluto. Thorny plants often red in color and can grow in hard conditions. Plants that balance the hormone and urogenital system and colon are recommended.

Plants: Baobab, cacti & succulents, Dragon fruit, Jujube, Fire Bush etc.




Fire sign, planet Jupiter. Pleasant odor plants of a conspicuous size that aide in that strengthening the thighs, lower back and spine are used.

Plants: Sage, Cinnamon, Thistles, Peony, Jamul etc.




Earth sign, planet Saturn. Plants with few flowers and unpleasant smell are associated with this sign. Plants with high calcium content are recommended as the planet gives the body structure of a human.

Plants: Palms, Neem Tree, Bel fruit, Ginko, Desert Rose etc.




Air sign, planet Uranus. Plants of this sign grow in unusual places and have uncommon colors. Plants that aid blood circulation and relax the nervous system is recommended.

Plants: Birds of Paradise, White Pothos, Ivy, Eucalyptus, Coffee etc.




Water sign, planets Jupiter, Moon and Neptune.  Pisces plants often grow near the ocean and are hard to find and those with antibacterial qualities and strengthen the immune system are used.

Plants: English lavender, Coconut palm, Mangroves, Erythrina, Aquatic plants etc.





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