10 Best Plants To Bring Good Fortune To The Business

In Indian tradition there is Vastu Shastra, literal translation is ‘science of architecture’. The science is concerned with arranging the interiors of a house or a building in a manner that brings in positive energy and ousts the negative and the dark energy. Similarly in Chinese architectural system guidelines are there that intends to provide harmony with nature by arranging the living environment. Feng Shui attracts chi, the positive energy by balancing the yin and yang. The invisible energy of chi is believed to bind all living things together with the earth and cosmos and by bringing in its positivity it harnesses health, wealth and prosperity. One way of harnessing chi is by using certain plants. Here are 10 best plants that bring good fortune to the business.

  1. Money Plant (Pachira Aquatica)

This is a popular Feng Shui plant that is used in homes and business places to attract money. Pachira is native of Central and South America and belongs to Malvaceae family.


  1. Money Plant (Crassula Ovata)

Crassula harmonizes the human existence with his/her surrounding and produces positive energy. The plant’s round, smooth-edged and clustered leaves make it a favorite among the Feng Shui experts as such a plant structure is believed to be the best for attracting money and good fortune. Crassula is native of South America.


  1. Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Braunii)

For more than 5000 years this plant has been the symbol of luck and fortune in Asian culture. In Feng Shui bamboo is believed to create harmony between the five elements, i.e. earth, wood, fire, water and metal and brings in positivity.


  1. Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)

Popularly known as the money plant in India is a native of French Polynesia. The leaves are shiny and have different shades of green. As per Feng Shui, the plant brings in wealth and is commonly believed to bring luck, happiness, and prosperity.


  1. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Feng Shui considers it, as a fortune plant is a native of tropical America. This plant exudes positivity. In a study conducted by NASA, Spathiphyllum has properties that purify and cleans the contaminated air. It is a shade loves plant but needs little bright light too.


  1. Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

This is a popular houseplant that is considered to bring in good luck. Native to Africa with many different names like mother-in-law’s tongue, viper’s bowstring hemp etc. the plant improves indoor air quality by removing toxic elements.


  1. Aglaonema

This plant is native to South Asia and has many hybrid species that have different growing habits. While in Feng Shui this plant is believed to bring luck, NASA’s study has shown it removes indoor air pollutants.


  1. Spider Plant

Native to South Africa, this is more like a herb plant than a tree. Requires less maintenance and is believed to bring in good luck and fortune. The plant reduces stress and removes pollutants from the air.


  1. Fishtail Fern

The plant is native to Australia and New Guinea is one of the hardiest plants in the list and requires very little maintenance. The plant brings in good luck and fortune in the house.


10.Lemon Balm

The plant improves overall wellness, boosts mood and reduces stress. Native to Central Asia, lemon balm is an effective air purifier too. Can be grown as both indoor and outdoor plant that requires very little maintenance.



So if you want to tap into your good fortune, get one of these plants and put it in your house or business place and witness the difference.



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