Add a Splash of Natural Color with these 5 Plants!

Want the Mesmerizing fragrances and aesthetic look of Real Flowers? Go for Indoor Flowering Plants.

Flowers are the most creative and beautiful home décor materials .They come in infinite varieties and colors to suit varying tastes, climatic conditions and backgrounds. Traditionally , gardens are set up outside of any premises , but with changing scenario people have been falling in love with the idea of having a green and colorful corner inside their premises .This concept of Indoor flowering plants not only add the beauty to the Interiors but also comes with vast benefits of having plants around. Here is top 5 picks of Indoor Flowering Plants:

Areca Palm is a leafy green plant which is easily sustainable in any area having indirect sunlight, thus ideal to be used as Indoor Plant. It should be kept in small container so as to limit its size .It should be watered enough to keep the soil moist and some intervals should be there to make it little dry before next watering in winter. This plant is highly useful in eliminating xylene and toluene from air. It should be protected from direct sunlight, since that will make the leaves turn Yellow.



English Ivy is another option for making your Interior look colorful and vibrant. This plant need to be placed around window as it needs bright  light to look fresh, and in absence of that might attract pest.Watering should be done with due care , and soil should be let dry  for some time before watering it further. This beautiful green plant helps in cutting down airborne fecal-matter particles. It also aid in filtering formaldehyde which is often found in some household cleaning substances.


Aloe Vera is very useful plant with an extensive bunch of benefits. It filters out formaldehyde and benzene, commonly found in paints, cleaner and other toxic substances. It is used in treating various skin related problems. It should be kept in warm and dry conditions, so watering should only be done when the soil seems to be dry and not routinely. It should ideally be placed in a sunny window to survive; complete shady surrounding will kill the plant.


Indian Basil is commonly known as Tulsi. This plant needs no introduction, as it is not only grown but worshipped traditionally in Indian households. It can be planted in a simple pot, needs regular watering and a sunny surrounding to thrive. It has a lot of medicinal properties, and is very commonly used in tea in winters to avoid cold and cough. Also it filters the air and increases the air quality.


Spider Plant is another beautiful green beauty which derives its name due to its uniquely shaped leaves, which dangle in the same way as spider on web. The soil should be well drained and should not be soggy for fresh looking spider plant. It eliminates benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene, which is nothing but a solvent commonly used in leather, printing and rubber industry.


Above were some of the Indian flowering plants that will add some color to your garden.




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