Go Green This Diwali: Gift These 10 Unique Plants

Diwali is beginning of something auspicious, something new and for some cultures rises of the good over the evil. So this Diwali lets do something unique, let’s start saving the planet, all it takes is 1.35 billion people to plant a single tree. Instead of gifting material goods when you visit your friends or relatives’ houses go green gift a plant. This good wish gift for the Diwali will reflect your thought, warmth, and care. Gifting a bag of firecrackers and sparkles do have an excitement factor but it is for the moment and also is going out of trend. Gifting a plant is the ‘in-thing’, it’s unique and adds more value to not only the person’s life but the environment too.

In this festive season, the surroundings are already quite loud and polluted with the lightings, crackers and loud music. Hence returning to home after a hard day at work that has greenery, serenity and removes the toxicity of the air is the place to be. So instead of buying and gifting crackers that causes air pollution gives something that helps in purifying the air.


Here is a list of 10 plants that you can gift as a Diwali present:

  1. Peace Lily: This is a sturdy plant that produces white flowers that are long-lasting.
  2. Money Plant: Can be placed indoors, in the balcony or can be hanged too from a pot. A sturdy plant that is believed for bringing luck.
  3. Roses: It is a beauty by its own right and brightens up anywhere it is placed.
  4. Jade Plant: A sturdy plant is known for bringing good luck.
  5. Syngonium: It is a good air purifying plant.
  6. Snake Plant: Another sturdy plant that requires minimum maintenance but is a great air purifier.
  7. Dianthus: A lovely flowering plant that looks great in balconies and terraces.
  8. Dahlia: Another plant with beautiful and colourful flowers that can be placed in the garden, terrace or balcony.
  9. A mix of kitchen plants: It can be a mix of different kinds of herbs that are used in the kitchen.
  10. Aloe Vera: Medicinal, sturdy and requires very little maintenance, can be placed anywhere.


Since Diwali is also the time for many to celebrate the Lakshmi why not give gifts that attract wealth. There are many plants according to Vaastu Shastra that helps in bringing good luck, wealth and prosperity when they are kept at home.

There are several kinds and categories of plants that can be gifted. There are several plants that can be gifted for either indoors or outdoors. Categories they can be selected from are flowering plants, succulents, foliage, medicinal, seasonal, ornamental and tiny plants. Depending on to whom you are gifting you can decide whether to give garden, table, porch, terrace or balcony plants. But do remember that while many admire Bonsai for their beauty and size, some consider them to be unlucky too.

So at this auspicious occasion gift the item that is a living, breathing thing that will grow in front of your friend, relative, colleague or family member’s eyes. While out of 390,900 different types of plants we listed only 10 you can surely consider the rest for gifting.



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