10 Best Vastu Plants To Attract Good Fortune

A significant change in the mood, the balance of your house and garden can happen if you design it according to Vastu Shastra. The science of architecture is an ancient Indian tradition that helps in bringing in good fortune, health and prosperity to a place and in that study plants are included too. In this traditional study, the property is not only beautified with the positioning of things in the right direction and right spots but they harness the good energy while bars and blocks the negative energy. So while putting plants in your house while feeling close to nature try to get plants that would not only give you serenity but also good fortune.

Here are 10 best Vastu plants that attract good fortune.


  1. Tulsi


This aromatic herb is worshipped in India and found all around the year. Belongs to the species of basil is an aromatic perennial plant. The holy basil is native to India and has multiple health benefits.

  1. Jasmine


Native to Australasia, Oceania and subtropical regions of Eurasia can be found in 200 different species. The flowers of the plant have gorgeous fragrance and are often used of ornamentation. Jasmine is used for worshipping Lord Shiva in Hinduism and symbolizes various emotions.

  1. Plumeria


The flower of this plant has vivid color and has over 300 species. Mostly found in tropical regions of Mexico, Polynesia, Central America and other warm-temperate regions. The flowers have an immense fragrance.

  1. Aloe Vera


Has the most positive energy among all the Vastu plants. The plant is native of Sudan but grows in almost all climates. Aloe Vera is well known for its healing properties and purification of air.

  1. Money Plant


Most used plants in an Indian household can reduce stress, anxiety and even insomnia. Studies in NASA has revealed it has properties to purify air form the pollutants caused due to electrical radiation unlike any other plant

  1. Peace Lily


The plant is native to America and Southeast Asia’s tropical regions are well known for promoting wellness, positive energy and mental serenity. According to Vastu the plant has the capacity to discard negative and discordant energy and has protective vibration.

  1. Peony


Bright color, fragile flowers that symboliz optimism, new life, spring, and love are the trademark of Peony.  By placing them in the garden you can attract true love and romance. It is believed they also help in fostering meaningful relationships. Peonies are native to Europe, Asia, and Western North America.

  1. Parijat


Considered a divine tree with tales of romance about its origin. The plant is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia has many medicinal properties. The plant is believed to bring serenity, good luck, and peace in the house.


  1. Lotus


Lotus is native to Asia and can be found in many varieties. The plant and the flower are believed to strengthen mortality, and purity and is recommended to be placed at the entrance to attract enlightenment and wealth.

  • Kadam / Kadamba


Kadam is a tropical evergreen tree native to South and Southeast Asia. The tree is considered to be auspicious in Vastu and bars negativity from outside and attracts positivity and good fortune.


So next time when you buy a plant for your house consider these plants to attract and harness the good fortune with these natural beauties.





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