10 Best Indoor Plants For Delhi NCR Weather Conditions

Delhi NCR weather is well known for its odd extreme climate, the temperature ranges almost 5 degree Celsius or below during the winter to 45 degree Celsius or more during the summer. Since the variation range is so large it is difficult to find plants that would suit such a disparity, one can neither go for plants of the cold region nor of the summer conditions. So while selecting plants for Delhi NCR’s weather is quite a challenge the maintenance of it is another to consider about.  Furthermore, with Delhi’s air condition and having so much of polluting agent it is recommended that one should have some indoor plants but with so many challenges one needs to choose the plants carefully so that they do not perish easily.

Here are 10 best indoor plants for Delhi NCR weather conditions you can consider to pick for planting them.


  1. Aglaonema


There are several hybrid species of this native South Asian plant and has various growth habits. An effective air purifier plant that requires very low maintenance and is easy to care is a shade-loving plant.


  1. Snake Plant


The plant has the capacity to absorb air pollutant and improves indoor air quality. Native to southern Asia releases oxygen even during the night.  Does not require sunlight and can grow in indoor artificial light.


  1. Philodendrons


The plant was studied by NASA to see its air-purifying capacity and has shown effective properties that clean indoor air. There are over 500 varieties of this plant and can grow in artificial light and dry weather.


  1. Spider Plant


This southern African native plant is a quite popular indoor plant, helps in reducing stress and needs to be watered every couple of months. Can grow in poor and artificial light.


  1. Boston Fern


Can be found in the swamp and humid forest areas is effective in removing bacteria, germ and mold properties from the air. Boston fern is of the hardiest plants that grow extremely well even in poor lighting.


  1. Fishtail Fern


Same genus as Boston fern is native to Australia and New Guinea. Though the plant’s soil needs to be kept moist but does not require bright sunlight for thriving.


  1. Kimberly Queen Fern


Low maintenance plant is native to Australia is almost identical to Boston fern except it grows upright. It grows quite in low light but requires frequent watering.

  1. Lemon Balm


Native to Central Asia the plant has a sweet fragrance that helps in reducing stress, improves mood and overall wellness is boosted. One of the hardiest plants that thrive under both full shade and full sun and does not require watering often.


  1. Golden Pothos


Commonly known as money plant is native to French Polynesia is a common household plant. It does not require frequent watering and does not die even in cold temperature rather become dormant.


  1. Aloe vera


Native to Arabian Peninsula is has many medicinal benefits. It is a shade loving plant that is also drought resistant. Egyptians call it ‘plant of immortality’.


So if you reside in Delhi NCR consider buying these for your indoor to liven it up while purifying the air without the worry of them perishing because of the weather.




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